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About us

Angell Gallery in the Toronto Star

Toronto-based Angell Gallery opened in April 1996 with a mission to support both emerging and mid-career artists known for taking risks in their work, while challenging the critical norms of art making in contemporary culture. Fifteen years later, the gallery maintains this high standard and continues to push boundaries and challenge both its artists and patrons.

Angell Gallery artists are known for their unique techniques that defy set genres of production, straddle many mediums and produce fantastically exciting results. Located in the heart of the Art & Design District of Toronto, Angell Gallery houses 4,000 sq ft. with three exhibition spaces and a room dedicated exclusively to video art.

The gallery's programming showcases artists working in a variety of mediums such as sculpture, painting, video, photography, digital media and has established a reputation for forward-thinking, unconventional, and intelligent exhibitions. Our roster of celebrated artists hail not only from our own creative city, but from around the world with Angell Gallery representing artists from Montreal, London, NY and Berlin. Whether from Toronto or abroad, Angell Gallery artists enjoy great media attention and critical reviews in publications such as ARTFORUM, NY Times, LA Times, ARTnews, Art in America and Modern Painters Angell Gallery is not content to simply show its artists in a gallery setting.

Our belief in our artists and our desire to expose their work to a worldy audience has led Angell Gallery to establish a consistent and growing presence on the international art fair circuit. As a result, the gallery has succeeded in widening its collector base, and has drawn the attention of top international curators and art professionals.

The Toronto Star writes

'"Much more space enables me to have three distinct galleries," he says - a dramatic main wing for group shows and up-and-coming artists, an east wing, and a project space where visitors see more inventory. The high-ceilinged white rooms elegantly show off the work of talented locals such as Geoffrey Pugen and Alex McLeod.'

The Toronto Star, March 11, 2010. Art Has its Place, Sarah Barmak.

Blog TO writes

'When blogTO first profiled Angell Gallery, Andi Argast asked Jamie how he thought his gallery had contributed to Toronto's art scene. He responded, "I hope that the gallery's willingness to always take risks, openness to new ideas and ways of thinking [has given] others permission to do the same. There's a lot of freedom in doing so.'

'Well, coming off a year notorious for a global economic meltdown, moving into this new space certainly demonstrates that risk-taking is something Angell remains comfortable with. And that is indeed a good thing for the gallery and for our city's arts scene. A great supporter of local artists, the gallery's move should pay big dividends not just for those who practice and sell art, but for those who appreciate it as well."'

Blog TO., Angell Gallery, Derek Flack, February 25, 2010.

The National Post writes

"With exhibitions that are always daring and original, this gallery was one of the pioneers in the West Queen West art district. You'll rarely see a safe, conservative show here. Owner Jamie Angell is easily the friendliest, most enthusiastic dealer in the city."

The National Post, July 23, 2008. The Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Toronto, Randy Gladman.

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