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East Gallery

Andrew Morrow
Vashon Island

December 8th 2012 – January 12th 2013
Opening reception Saturday December 15th 1–4 PM

Vashon Island  by Andrew Morrow

ANGELL GALLERY is pleased to present "Vashon Island," a special by Ottawa-based artist Andrew Morrow. The exhibition will be on display in the East Gallery from December 8 to January 12, 2012.

An opening reception will be held on Saturday December 15, 1 - 4 PM.

Vashon Island is Andrew Morrow’s first show with the Angell Gallery, and combines Morrow’s interest in large-scale, narrative painting, physical computing and digital animation, it is founded on an open-ended collaboration grounded in the visual arts, but augmented through technology. Vashon Island is committed to the disruption of boundaries, through work that is ontologically uncertain, as well as through an examination of the shifting and uncertain structure of collaboration itself.

The work in this exhibition combines physical painting with digital display, motion sensors and animation software. Through projection and interactivity, painting’s usual status as fixed and material is challenged, while highlighting painting’s relational and mutable characteristics. By navigating the gallery space, viewers are directly implicated in the creation of an infinitely changing work.

Extending from an ongoing study of the visual and narrative history of the First World War period, Vashon Island touches on a story of a young soldier who left his bicycle chained to a tree on Vashon Island, Puget Sound, before setting off to war in 1914. It is said that he was killed in battle and so never reclaimed his bike, which eventually became enveloped by the tree and suspended high in the air. This story, verifiably untrue, informs a broader discussion of the role of history painting in contemporary art discourse.

Andrew Morrow holds a Master’s in Fine Arts from Ottawa University, and was the recipient of the Michel Goulet Prize for Outstanding MFA Thesis Presentation. Morrow has exhibited widely in Canada, including Ottawa, Toronto, Sudbury, Saint John New Brunswick and Kingston. Morrow’s work has also been covered in the media, most notably in The Globe and Mail, National Post,, CBC radio 1, The Toronto Star,, Ottawasun, Guerilla Magazine, and Morrow is also the recipient of various awards including the RBC Emerging Artist Award, the W.B.Bruce European Travel Aware and grants from the Ontario Arts Council.